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My customers have a very high standard,
and EnviroSharp is the only odor removal service that has reached that standard. They have treated several different odors for us, including smoke, spilled shrimp, and mildew. Every odor has been completely removed every time. I don't know if it's magic or science, but whatever EnviroSharp does, it works!

Nick Pentas
Pre-owned Sales Manager
Mercedes-Benz of Baton Rouge, LA


Our customers love EnviroSharp's odor removal service.
The treatment is fast and effective, and their service team is dependable. A technician even came out the same day we called, which saved a sale. We are finished with Ozone machines and cheap deodorizers – EnviroSharp is all we need to get rid of odors for good.

Ronnie "Deuce" Redmond
Price Leblanc Toyota
Baton Rouge, LA

EnviroSharp's odor removal and air purification treatment made my wish come true.
I cannot express to you how nice it was to come home to a clean, smoke-free home where I can recover from my open heart surgery. After such a long hospital stay and traumatic surgery, all I wished for was to be home again. But, because I had smoked in my home for ten years, it was an unhealthy environment for my recovery. My doctor and family were understandably concerned. I have to admit I was too.
EnviroSharp's odor removal and Air purification treatment made that wish come true. The countless toxins from years of smoking inside were erased, and since the air and all of the surfaces had been sanitized, my risk of infection was greatly reduced. I could relax and recover in my home, just as I wanted.
I am enjoying a healthier lifestyle in my new healthy environment–I've been cigarette free since the surgery. There is another added benefit I didn't anticipate; the EnviroSharp treatment even got the smoke smell out of all of my clothes that were in my closets and drawers. So, not only is my house smoke free, I am too!

Margie Rushing

I was amazed with just one treatment.
I wanted to thank you and let you know how impressed I am with your odor removal service. I am happy to say, the condo you treated is completely odor free!
Before using EnviroSharp, I had that condo completely painted (even ceilings!), all of the carpets replaced, paid for a heavy clean and deodorizing treatment. Still, there was no denying the cigarette smell that filled the condo every time the a/c turned on. I was taking bids to have all the duct work ripped out and replaced when I heard about your service.
I was amazed that with just one treatment, the air was clean and completely smoke-free – even in the duct work. Every time I have an odor or air quality issue with any of my condos, Envirosharp will be the FIRST vendor I call! .

Taylor Dichary
Property Manager
Jefferson Place Condominiums


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